What is it that draws me to the minor key? A seriousness that demands attention by the listener I think.

When I first heard Beethoven’s 5th as a child, all I can say is wow… What was this brilliant composer thinking at the time? What place was he in at that time? The complexity and simplicity is beautiful. I felt it deeply.

My music preferences certainly coincide with my mood. I typically wouldn’t want to listen to the 5th if I were anxious! I suppose it depends on the environment at the time. The piece would move me in a different emotional place depending on the circumstances. A full orchestra or a solo pianist for example. I would definitely love the piece just the same, however how I react emotionally to it is the question.

My music truly matches my mood. A sentimental mood this windy ND evening. Tonight it’s all about Coltrane, my husband, and an icy cold drink. Heaven indeed 😇