Good grief…… if there is such a thing.

Denial: of course we do this as a natural coping mechanism. “This isn’t real”.
We stumble through the process as only true stoics can do. “ It’s just another bump in the road”.

Oh how we can deny the effect this has on us.
Grief has no time stamp. We all process this in our brains the best we can to pick up ourselves up by the bootstraps in which we’ve been learned to apply. Tourniquet like as they can be…

My solace in confronting grief: music soothes and saves the soul. A well written song can transform and inspire. A haven for the broken hearted and a playbook for moving on.

Today’s song to soothe: Long may you run. Even though it may have been written for a car, it can still be interpreted as a loved one. Words are powerful. They can leave an indelible mark on our psyche.
comforting yes. Inspiring? Absolutely!
Long may you run Sid❤️ Long may you run😢 you were loved.

The minor key 🎹

What is it that draws me to the minor key? A seriousness that demands attention by the listener I think.

When I first heard Beethoven’s 5th as a child, all I can say is wow… What was this brilliant composer thinking at the time? What place was he in at that time? The complexity and simplicity is beautiful. I felt it deeply.

My music preferences certainly coincide with my mood. I typically wouldn’t want to listen to the 5th if I were anxious! I suppose it depends on the environment at the time. The piece would move me in a different emotional place depending on the circumstances. A full orchestra or a solo pianist for example. I would definitely love the piece just the same, however how I react emotionally to it is the question.

My music truly matches my mood. A sentimental mood this windy ND evening. Tonight it’s all about Coltrane, my husband, and an icy cold drink. Heaven indeed 😇